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Making Marks: Drawings by Ken Woolley, architect & artist

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Ken Woolley

Foreword by Peter Pinson

An inveterate traveller, Ken Woolley’s fascination for the cultural life of cities and towns, and even the landscape is brilliantly expressed in Making Marks.

A distinguished architect, it is Woolley’s knowledge of building principles that allows him to draw directly and intuitively, without preliminary studies. He quickly captures the scene before him in black pen. Every line counts; there is no erasing.

But however quick the sketching, his considerable investment in time, and a devotion to craftsmanship, is visible in all of his drawings; a welcome change from the digital images filed in cyberspace by today’s tourists. Making Marks is a book worth dipping into, again and again.

ISBN 9780 949284 99 0 96 pp Hardback 245mm x 245mm

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